How to Play iTunes Movies & TV Shows on Amazon Fire Phone?

“How to get iTunes songs to Amazon Fire Phone? I recently purchased an android smart phone (Amazon Fire Phone) and I really love it. Since I have bought many songs on iTunes store and I was wondering how I can get them onto my new phone. Also, is that possible to copy iTunes movies/TV Shows onto Fire Phone? Thanks.”

Generally speaking, iTunes bought songs & TV shows can by only used on iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad. However, if you have patience to do some settings, you can actually get iTunes onto Fire Phone for playback. The first thing you may think about is the file format. You need to make sure to convert iTunes files to a format that Amazon Fire Phone will accept. The Amazon Fire Phone supports videos in MP4 format. However, iTunes purchases stuff are in M4V format.

The other thing you need really worry about is the DRM protection. Apple uses DRM copy protection on items purchased through the iTunes Store in order to prevent users from playing the content anywhere but on Apple device. Luckily for music, Apple starts selling DRM-free songs since later 2009. This means that most likely you can transfer music from iTunes to Fire Phone free and directly. For DRM protected movies, TV shows as well as music, you will need a program to strip the DRM. UFUWare DRM Media Converter is an application that helps you to cope with DRM restrictions as well as convert iTunes library to Amazon Fire Phone compatible files. Check out the step-by-step guide below and learn how to easily put & transfer iTunes music/videos onto Amazon Fire Phone.

Steps to convert iTunes to Amazon Fire Phone best format

1. Free download this UFUWare iTunes to Amazon Fire Phone converter, install it on your computer. Only with this program can you convert purchased DRM movies, such as iTunes movies, iTunes TV shows, Amazon Instant Video movies, Digital Copies, BlockBuster movies, etc.

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2. Run this Amazon Fire Phone iTunes converter on your computer, you will see the main interface of the program. Now you can click add button to import your iTunes movies into it.

set output for converting movies to Galaxy S6

3. After you have imported the movie into this software, please click format column to choose output formats, to play iTunes movies on Amazon Fire Phone, we recommend you to choose MP4 format, Amazon Fire Phone can play MP4 videos perfectly. Besides Amazon Fire Phone, you can also use this software to convert and transfer movies from iTunes to Amazon Fire Phone or other devices.

itunes to Galaxy S6

4. Before convert iTunes to Amazon Fire Phone MP4 format, you can click settings button to adjust the output parameters, like resolution and bitrate, for example, you can set the resolution as 1280*720, and then you can play iTunes movie with Amazon Fire Phone in 720P, and it is full screen resolution for Amazon Fire Phone.

5. Click convert button to start the iTunes movies/TV shows to Amazon Fire Phone conversion process.

This excellent Amazon Fire Phone iTunes converter will convert the files at top quality, video and audio synchronization is well guaranteed, and the conversion finished, you can copy the converted iTunes movies to Amazon Fire Phone via USB cable, and then you can play the movies with Amazon Fire Phone freely! You can also transfer or sync the converted iTunes movies to any portable devices, such as Android tablets, Android smartphones, HDTV, Windows phones, Windows tablets, etc. just try it now!

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